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With the rapid development of science and technology, power electronic equipment has penetrated various fields. A semiconductor device called Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes is emerging, showing its excellent performance and broad application prospects. As a critical component in power electronic equipment, Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes are widely used in many fields due to their ultra-fast recovery characteristics, high temperature, and excellent high-frequency performance. Compared with traditional diodes, UFRD has faster response speed, higher efficiency and more stable performance. UFRD can still maintain stable performance in high-temperature environments, further expanding its application scope.

(Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes)

Definition and Features of Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes


Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes, or UFRD, are semiconductor devices with ultra-fast recovery characteristics. When current passes through UFRD, it can switch the current from the forward conducting state to the off state in a very short time. This process is called “recovery”. The length of recovery time is one of the core characteristics of UFRD, which determines how quickly the diode responds in the switching circuit.


Critical features of UFRD include ultra-fast recovery time, high efficiency, high temperature, and high-frequency performance. These characteristics make UFRD perform well in high-frequency rectification circuits and high-efficiency power converters, which can effectively improve the overall efficiency and stability of the equipment.

(Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes)

Advantages of Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes compared with traditional diodes

  1. Shorter recovery time

UFRD’s reverse recovery time is shorter than that of traditional diodes, enabling faster current conversion during rapid changes in AC power. This allows UFRD to utilize its advantages in high-frequency rectification circuits and high-efficiency power converters.

  1. High efficiency

UFRD has a lower forward voltage drop and a higher reverse withstand voltage. Hence, the energy loss in the rectifier circuit is minor, improving the overall efficiency of the rectifier.

  1. Excellent high-temperature performance

UFRD can maintain stable performance at higher operating temperatures, broadening its application range. Compared with traditional diodes, UFRD has a longer service life and lower failure rate in high-temperature environments.

  1. Excellent high-frequency performance

Due to the fast recovery characteristics of UFRD, it can be used in high-frequency rectification circuits and high-efficiency power converters, increasing the switching frequency of the rectifier and reducing its size.

(Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes)

How to choose and use the right Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes

  1. Rated voltage and current: Select a UFRD with appropriate rated voltage and current according to actual application requirements.
  2. Recovery time: Select a UFRD with appropriate recovery time according to the frequency and efficiency requirements of the circuit.
  3. Temperature characteristics: Consider the stability and reliability of UFRD in high-temperature environments.
  4. Package form: Choose the appropriate format based on circuit design and heat dissipation requirements.
  5. Manufacturing process and quality control: Choose brands and models with advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control.


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