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Recently, the Dubai Metropolis residential building project undertaken by China Railway 18th Bureau International Company received a completion certificate from Dubai Municipality, marking the successful delivery of the project.

Dubai Metropolis Residential Building Project

The Dubai Metropolis residential building project is located in Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers area. The main structure of the project has 5 underground floors and 41 floors above ground. The eaves height of the building is 155 meters. It is one of the 12 super high-rise buildings over 100 meters contracted by China Railway 18th Bureau in Dubai. One. At the same time, the project was originally designed as an office building, and the main structure has been constructed to the 7th floor. Later, the owner changed the design to a residential building. It is the first overall structural reinforcement project of the China Railway 18th Bureau.

During the construction, to maximize the building area and meet the stress requirements of the existing floor slabs, the project team comprehensively considered factors such as the location of the tensile beams of the existing structure, the layout of the rooms, and the height of the ceiling, and finally adopted a characteristic hybrid reinforcement scheme, that is, in the original structure. The raft foundation is reinforced with a thickness of 200 millimeters to meet the foundation bearing capacity. The vertical structure shaft and columns are reinforced with outer profile steel, and the floor openings are reinforced with carbon fiber to meet the structural stress requirements.

Application of concrete water-reducing agent in the construction of building engineering bureau

In building construction, water-reducing agents can improve the fluidity of concrete and reduce the water-cement ratio, thereby improving the strength and durability of concrete, which is very important for the building’s structural safety and service life.

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