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How can Nano Silica change the properties of coatings

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Nano silica has numerous residential or commercial properties that conventional products do not have. The particle size circulation of nano silica is very narrow, a lot of which are within 100 nm, with many micropores and also large certain area. There are not only a great deal of unsaturated recurring bonds and hydroxyl groups in various bonding states on its surface, so it has high reaction activity. In terms of optical buildings, nano-silica shows high reflection residential or commercial properties to both ultraviolet as well as visible light.

How can Nano Silica alter the residential or commercial properties of coverings?

Adjustment of Waterborne Coatings

Prior to including: inadequate water resistance, bad security, high rust to devices, etc.

After addition: improve the scrubbing resistance, security, corrosion resistance as well as other residential or commercial properties of the finishing, and also can give it antibacterial, self-cleaning and various other impacts.

Alteration of wall finishing

Before adding: no sunlight resistance, no water resistance, instability, poor attachment, etc.

After addition: it can boost the storage security, water resistance and also sun resistance of the coating, boost the thixotropy of the finishing, and also effectively manage the spatter, flow dangling as well as other sensations in the building.

Modification of acrylic material paint

Prior to including: inadequate mechanical residential properties, use resistance, firmness, versatility, etc.

After enhancement: the mechanical residential or commercial properties, tensile toughness, hardness, scrubbing resistance and adaptability of the film are enhanced, the movie is more fragile and smoother, has a far better finish, and improves the decorative performance.

Adjustment of varnish

Prior to enhancement: the solidity of the movie is not high, the warmth resistance is poor, and also it is very easy to turn yellow under the action of ultraviolet light.

After enhancement: durable resistance, strong adhesion, and has moisture resistance, wetness resistance, chemical deterioration resistance, and so on Nano Silica Price The rate is influenced by

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