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(project proposal) (conceptual planning and Design) Honghe, Yunnan

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(project proposal) (conceptual planning and Design) Yunnan Honghe

team planners and engineers have published more than 70 papers in engineering, 21st century economic report and other academic journals. In the face of the future, we are more confident, and we will do our best to make the company stronger and bigger with our business foundation and new service concept

there are more than 20000 successful cases, more than 10000 key library projects and more than 20000 enterprise libraries. They are authoritative, professional, intimate service and cost-effective{Ruiding positioning: the difference between service and service lies in the details -- the difference between companies lies in the intention{Which company is good, we will provide you with high quality service with our service team, our service and the promise of dissatisfaction. Authoritative professional, intimate service, cost-effective, focusing on engineering, enterprise planning, planning and design, bidding and other services, 20000 successful cases In the industry of

years, Ruiding Group Engineering Center has accumulated more than 10000 successful cases. A large amount of project data and information has been reserved, and a smooth and efficient information and data collection channel has been established. There are more than 5000 key projects in the project library and more than 10000 enterprises in the enterprise library{Manager Dong 18339923797 project name: annual output of 200000 tons of asphalt concrete, commercial concrete and other products. Main construction contents: 26 mu (for lease), investment of 18 million yuan, annual output of 200000 tons of asphalt concrete, commercial concrete and other products. Main process technology: raw materials such as stone, asphalt and machine-made sand are passed through asphalt mixing equipment and commercial concrete mixing equipment to produce products. Main equipment: CCCC asphalt mixing equipment, commercial concrete mixing equipment, water stable mixing equipment. The market prospect is good. Project name: construction waste resource recovery given center project, the construction of the main content: the project covers an area of 150 mu, total construction area of about 15900 square meters, the proed workshop about 13500 square meters, is used for the construction of a construction waste crushing screening line, six automatic production line for recycled concrete block, a ready-mixed mortar production line, a concrete water stable production line. Office area about 1500 square meters, dormitory and restaurant is about 900 square meters. Technological process: the recycled aggregates in the construction waste, coarse crushing, crushing, fine grinding, classification (in addition to the soil, in addition to the noise, noise reduction); Ready-mixed mortar process: raw material (recycled fine aggregate, cement, sand and additive) - ingrents, mixing, finished-product stock - bulk machine installed (bag); Recycled concrete block process: raw material (recycled fine aggregate, cement, sand and additive) - ingrents - block - maintenance - finished products; Main equipment are forklift truck, crusher, dust collector, in addition to iron, screening machine, pump, mixer, dryer, back tank car, block machine, belt conveyor.Project name: annual output of 50 sets of remote control type project with this machine. Construction main content: the project without land, plant 1 new within the original factory, building area of 8000 square meters, the production process: the purchase of raw materials and accessory parts - line - blanking - welding - line - machining - parts testing - assembly - debugging - finished goods inspection, warehousing, to introduce nc cutting machine, CNC machine, drilling machine, CNC welding machine, Investment machine and equipment. Products are mainly used for power line construction and other industries, the market prospect. Project content: with a total investment of 80 million yuan and a total area of 96038.00 square meters, it is planned to build a production line with an annual output of 200000 sets of new energy automobile parts (dashboard, window frame, seat, vehicle air conditioner and key new energy parts). Process technology: purchased raw materials → raw material inspection and warehousing → cutting and blanking → machining drilling and milling → parts assembly and welding → surface treatment correction → plastic spraying → assembly of finished products{Project Name: annual output of 20000 sets of solid wood furniture project. Main construction contents: construction area: 25475 square meters, mainly building production plant, scientific research building, production auxiliary room and other supporting facilities. Among them, there are 4 workshops with a building area of 23132 square meters, 1 production auxiliary building with a building area of 795 square meters, and 1 scientific research building with a building area of 1548 square meters. Process flow: design → placing order → cutting → milling → drilling → drilling → batching → primer → oil grinding → topcoat → color modification → packaging →