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Mao Changxuan's case was reported by a series of people

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In this \ Now, I'd like to open a post to talk about Zhou Yong's way as a master of fraud[ em07] He is not only famous in the report of Mao Changxuan incident Zhou said the school did not get in touch with the students because Mao Changxuan locked them in the office, making it impossible for the school to communicate with them The president who can say this must be worthy of our discussion. Let's discuss some problems about Zhou Yong. We welcome the broad masses of the people to open their eyes and discuss them with your wisdom. Zhou Yong's famous work -- National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars [em17] Professor Zhou Yong, what kind of expert are you? Statistics? Management science? Management engineering? So what is the field of outstanding youth? Cross the field to get outstanding youth, big God! Zhou Yong's peak work -- Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education [em17] [em17] Professor Zhou Yong, When you apply, where is the personnel relationship? What unit did you use in your application? Which company were you in when you approved? What is the actual date of your arrival? Have you never been here? What is the date of your report? Zhou Yong's casual work -- Minjiang scholar [em17] [em17] Professor Zhou Yong, How many parts do you have? Are you in Beijing? Are you in Shanghai? Why are you still in Fujian? The leaders of Fujian Normal University will answer this question. Do you know Zhou Yong? Zhou Yong's most irritated work -- independent director of Orient Securities [em17] [em17] Excuse me, Professor Zhou Yong When did you start to be an independent director of Orient Securities? When did you start to be an independent director of Orient Securities? When did you leave the position of independent director of Orient Securities? The Discipline Inspection Department of Dongfang securities, I don't know if it's the discipline inspection department. You are so brave that you should kick Zhou Yong off as a fake monk? But, Professor Zhou Yong, how much did the independent director take? And in In the news, we can see a piece of news The national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars applied by Huang feimin and Zhou Yong of our institute respectively passed the expert evaluation Professor Zhou Yong is really powerful! But from the following papers in 2008 and 2007, there is no good article on \                                        Li Changlin, Chen Min, Zhou Yong (2007). Actuarial present value model of life annuity portfolio under stochastic interest rate. Systems engineering, 25 (7): 116-118 Zhou Yong (2007). Some progress of variable coefficient risk model in survival analysis. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Conference of China Association of field statistics