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Cool mouse effects JS native code

Concrete additive news 2021-07-22 08:38 147
This article describes the JavaScript implementation of mouse following effects. Share for your reference, as follows: mouse is now one of the basic configuration of the computer, but also one of the most commonly used tools to enter commands. This article will introduce some special effects related to mouse. 1. Follow the mouse to move the color stars, such as title, will move according to the movement of the mouse, and randomly move back and forth around the mouse, making people feel in the zoom in and out. I made some changes according to the code in the book. For example, if the user does not move the mouse, the star effect will not be displayed. Secondly, the brightness adjustment in the source code will be removed, because the effect is not very obvious. Cut three pictures, black dot approximately represents the position of the mouse. The rendering is as follows: source code: 26lt; html>% 26lt; head> % 26lt; title> Twinkle stars </ title> % 26lt; style