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Bullet screen comments on official account

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This article will introduce some basic concepts, which will not be introduced later

those who have used I typesetting should see the characteristic style of I typesetting. There is a bullet screen style, but some of them need VIP to use. Now teach a simple way to use it, which is also suitable for the use of other styles

click the barrage style you want to put into the editor, and then click the HTML in the upper right corner of the editor

you will see the above image, contained in% 26lt; svg>% 26lt;/ svg> Between these two tags is the code of barrage effect. If you just want to simply replace the text, the effect does not change, then put% 26lt; text>% 26lt;/ text> Change the Chinese characters in the text to the Chinese characters you want. Then, in code mode, if you have installed a new media manager or a companion plug-in, you can click% 26lt; /% in the upper right corner 26gt; Or HTML open the code mode, and put% 26lt; svg>% 26lt;/ svg> Bullet screen comments are copied to the code format of the official account. After switching back, we can see that the barrage effect has been achieved. 1}

OK, let's finish. The gourd eaters can see it here. The next step is to explain the meaning of each code in detail. Compare the green color label, blue color attribute and red color attribute values in the figure above. If we can't find the color, then one of us must be color blind


tag is generally divided into two parts, one is the start tag, such as% 26lt; svg>; The attribute background is the background color. The format can be hexadecimal color code or RGB format. The simpler one can be expressed in English, such as red, black, purple, etc. The attribute box sizing is the style of the box model, which can be set by default. Label% 26lt; text> As the name suggests, text, entering text between tags will display the text at the front end. The attributes X and Y refer to the distance to the left and top, which also apply to% 26lt; svg>。 The attribute fill here refers to the text color, and the color format is the same as the background color. Attribute font refers to the font and has many attributes. Font family font style, such as Microsoft YaHei. Font size font size. Font weight font thickness

tag% 26lt; animate> Is the basis of SVG animation, and% 26lt; animateTransform> It's the same, but the attribute effect is different 26lt; animate> Its attributes include x, y, opacity, weight width, R radius, fill, stroke, etc; animateTransform> The properties of include translate, scale, rotate and skew. At% 26lt; animate> In, use attribute name to determine the attribute to be transformed, use from and to to to determine the initial value and end value of the transformation, and the effect will change linearly according to the value. You can also use values to fill in multiple values, such as attribute name = 26quot; x", values=" 800; 400;- 400", The attribute begin is the start time of the effect, which can be set to s, or it can be set to start after click, dur is the duration time, and end is the end time. The attribute repeatcount is the number of effect loops. A number can be used to represent the number of loops, and define to represent infinite loops. If fill is set to 26quot; freeze", After a limited number of cycles, the object will stay in the last position, and if it is not set, it will return to the starting position. At% 26lt; animateTransform> In, the value of attributename is unified as transform, and type is used to determine the type of translate or scale. The rest of the begin, values and other attributes are the same as% 26lt; animate> The difference is that the values here involve coordinates, such as the values of rotate = 26quot; 0 x1 y1; 360 x2 y2" It refers to the rotation from 0 to 360 degrees around the coordinate. It is suggested to understand rect rectangle, circle circle, ellipse and so on to understand the coordinates. There are also multiple% 26lt; animateTransform> Effect stack, need to have additive =% 26quot; sum",